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For many years, Palazzo delle Biscie has been a prestigious destination for a wide range of events, from corporate celebrations to private parties, from exclusive fashion shows to wine and fine food tasting evenings. With its rigorous architecture and extensive grounds, our palace has earned an impeccable reputation on the events scene, becoming synonymous with excellence and high-class hospitality.

In addition to the vast park, we can also make available the palace's indoor halls, the Orangery or the brand new Winter Garden, which can be customised for your every need and occasion.

Corporate events

For companies looking for a prestigious location for their events, we offer tailor-made spaces and services to turn every meeting into an important moment to enhance their business and products. Our indoor halls, the Orangery and the Winter Garden offer flexible and customisable settings, suitable for presentations, meetings, trainings and more. Our team is ready to assist you at every stage, ensuring the desired success and impact.

Parties and Celebrations

From birthday parties to special occasions, Palazzo delle Biscie offers the perfect setting to celebrate in style and sophistication. Our indoor halls and outdoor spaces are ideal for hosting private parties, birthdays, confirmations and more. With our attention to detail and care in organisation, we guarantee an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Special Events

But it doesn't end there. Palazzo delle Biscie is also the ideal venue for special events ranging from fashion to culture, from gastronomy to art. We organise fashion shows, wine and fine food tasting evenings, theatrical and musical performances, animal exhibitions and much more. Each event is organised with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring an extraordinary experience for all guests.


Movie and Photo Location

Besides being an ideal setting for events and celebrations, the Palazzo delle Biscie is also a prestigious location for films and photo shoots. Inside, it houses a painting studio that adds a touch of creativity and charm, while it is home to a renowned artistic sculpture foundation. With its unique atmosphere and evocative settings, our palace offers a versatile backdrop that inspires the creativity of filmmakers and photographers. Come and discover the artistic potential of the Biscie Palace to bring your most ambitious film and photographic visions to life.
Finally, immersed in an atmosphere of history and beauty, our palace inspires creativity and turns every event into a work of art. Come and discover the charm and elegance of the Palazzo delle Biscie, where every moment becomes a masterpiece.

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